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Venice hotels for Carnival

Millions of people come to Venice every year. Thousands of them visit the city everyday. But there are several days in the end of February, when Venice become the most demanded destination in Europe – the time of famous Carnival of Venice. During one week Venice turns into the real fairy tale or republican Venice. The city streets and squares are full of people in bright costumes of Arlechino, Pierrot, Colombina and Pantalone.

During the Carnival hotels of Venice are full and if you want to visit this city in the end of February it is better to make a reservation in advance. Those who want to be in the real center of the Carnival and look at the festival procession from windows prefer to stay in the center of Venice. Staying close to San Marco Square you'll be able to watch street performances and theater plays right from a balcony or a terrace of your hotel.

People who need quite environment and do not want to have 24-hour party in front of the hotel prefer to stay in a distance from the city center or even in the mainland. A lot of great properties located in the north of historical part of Venice, one of them is Boscolo Dei Dogi Hotel Venice. It is placed in the embankment and faces the other side of Venice Lagoon. The hotel offers luxury accommodation and guarantees comfortable and quite atmosphere of relaxation and escape.

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