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Palazzo Giovanelli e Gran Canal Hotel

Palazzo Giovanelli e Gran Canal Hotel

The history of the well known Palazzo Giovanelli e Gran Canal Hotel Venice comes up to the 16th century straight. The treasure feature of the hotel is the panoramic view over the Grand Channel. You can also easily get to the historical center of the city by taking two stations on the river bus. Savor the comfort of traveling of this unique Venetian transport.

Each room is decorated with the unique painting inspiring the guests with the true spirit of Venice. This luxury hotel of Venice offers the buffet breakfast with the traditional Italian cuisine. A lot of rooms are over viewing the historical part of the city, the others offer the view over the inner garden.

Before inhabiting the hotel consider the famous guests visiting it before. The royal Doge and the family of Mozart lived within these walls. The furniture is kept in the ancient style, so you can feel the spirit of the city with every cell of yours.

If you’re up to some fun, feel free to visit the local casino located opposite Palazzo Giovanelli e Gran Canal Hotel Venice on the other side of the channel.

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